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triathlonforevery woman

“Triathlon for the Every Woman is a hilarious, fun and informative read–full of expert advice, training tips, and stories to turn a tired, busy woman into a tired, busy woman TRIATHLETE–no matter her size, age or place in life.

Meredith Atwood, an overweight and overworked wife, mother and attorney, went from the couch to the finish of a half Ironman triathlon in a little over a year. Her book, full of contributions from expert coaches, nutritionists and athletes, takes the reader through the disciplines of swimming, biking and running. In addition, the book includes comical accounts of battling the scale and the balancing act of training with a spouse, kids and a full-time job. The book will inspire and entertain– and have even the busiest of women taking on the challenge of swimming, biking and running. Even for those lacking in time, motivation or hope, Triathlon for the Every Woman will turn everything around and make any woman a believer.

Meredith Atwood, better known in the blog world as “Swim Bike Mom,” is a writer and attorney. In just over a year, she went from super fat to the finish line of her first half Ironman triathlon. Since that time, she has finished several half marathons, triathlons, including Ironman Coeur d’Alene in 2013. Her blog, is a girl’s best friend…and a male triathlete’s guilty pleasure. She lives in the burbs of Atlanta, Georgia with her husband (The Expert), two Swim Bike Kids, and hundreds of jars of peanut butter.”

I’ve started reading triathlon books. You would of thought I would have done that when I started, but it hasn’t been until I wanted to take on the bigger challenge of a 70.3 triathlon that I wanted to read about people who are like me taking on the same challenge. I’ve been reading the blog Swim Bike Mom for a while and thought her book would be a good place to start. I related totally to the premise ‘for the every woman’. Sometimes it feels like triathlon is a sport only for the super fit, but I think anyone could do it if they wanted to and that is the key.

I found this book informative and funny. It felt like a real person, rather than a over ally formal coaching book or plan. I like her honesty about the pain and the mental struggle as well as the physical side of training. On my Kindle I think this may be the first book I highlight and added notes to!

I felt the challenge she was going through, but I also felt the determination and pride in every milestone. I liked that she got advice from lots of different people. I envy that she has a coach and definitely envy the relationship with that coach. It is something i am going to be looking for in the people I surround myself with going forward.

I would recommend this book to any woman wanted to start triathlon. It has made me feel better and less overwhelmed, but more realistic about my goals and desires when it comes to this sport.

The only question I kept asking whole reading this book was ‘how much sleep do you get?’. There were many 4:30am mornings and I just know I would have to be in bed at 6pm if I started doing that, so defeats the object of having a life at the same time. Maybe that is the problem I have – I want a life outside of triathlon, even when I’m going to be training for the longest one I may ever do!

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