Catching Up

Where has this month gone? I know was skiing for one week, but the rest of it has disappeared and I feel like I haven’t stopped!

I took the first two weeks off for my birthday (30th did I mention that?) and went skiing. The last two weeks I was back at work and into the full swing of things as soon as I stepped in the door.

I feel I have a new attitude when it comes to work and no longer want to wait for things to come to me just because I’m busy. Rather I want to seek out opportunities to show my ideas and capability.

I feel this way about my life in general really.

I also needed a bit of time to reflect. Someone let me down earlier this month in terms of how I thought they saw me and supported me and it made me very sad. I had to deal with that as it conflicted against everything I wanted my 30th year to be.

So I have reflected and now I realise it does not matter what other people think of me. It’s none of my business. If I don’t agree with the advice someone offers, you know what? I don’t have to take it. If someone doesn’t agree with how I live my life, they can fuck off. (I’m also going to embrace swearing a bit more – I’ve always been a good girl, but I was to rebel).

I’ve taken stock of what I committed to and what my priorities are and have made some decisions. I have cut back my volunteer swim coaching. I am putting boundaries on my future volunteering to make sure I get my swimming in. I am putting work first during the week. I am putting my schedule first and will join in with group activities when it suits me, not when it suits other people. Basically I’m being selfish and loving it.

I’m still going to help people and will be there online and at the end of the phone, but on my terms.

So where is Wandering Angie going this year?

  • The big goal is the 70.3 triathlon
  • Work towards a job in the next level up
  • My other aim is to train for a 5k and 10k swim
  • Become a qualified swim teacher
  • Develop closer to friendships with the right people
  • Put my health first
  • Coffee, Tea, and books of course!

It’s going to be a busy year and I’ve looking forward to it!

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