Learning from Project Lifestyle

I spent 2014 trying to manage my life like a project. In some aspects this was successful, and other aspects it was not. It was an interesting experiment. However I know I made it over complicated and therefore was trying to do too much at the same time and not giving anything my full attention.

I wanted to look back at my original aims of the project to see what I achieved.

  • I want to wear a dress to the running club christmas party – I did this, but it was not the dress I intended. However I was impressed that I had the confidence to do this and am happy i achieved this.
    • either fitting into one of my Coast ones or a new one – didn’t do
  • I want to wear a dress to work in summer – didn’t do
  • I want to have completed 4 triathlons – I completed 3, but also became a level 1 qualified coach, so more than happy with this
    • 400m 20km 5km – completed
    • 3 of 750m 20km 5km – 2 completed
  • I want to lose 3 stone (42lbs) using MFP and Exercise with Nike Fuelband and understanding my binge eating – this was the main one that did not go to plan and I don’t think worked being managed as a project. I liked the fuelband for a while, but grew bored. I got fed up with MFP as I don’t like th social media side of it. I worked at unrest anoint my binge eating and this will be something I continue to work at.
  • I want to fit back into several items of clothing which I was in at my lowest weight of 12st 7lbs – not achieved
    • Oasis Coat
    • Next Boyfriend Jeans
    • Coast Purple Flower Dress
    • Purple Suede Jacket
  • I want to beat my club gala times at swimming and do the 800m Free with tumble turns – this was mixed, but my goal also changed to completing all events possible and I did that as well as doing tumble turns so I am happy I achieved this even if my times were about the same for the events I have previously done.
  • I want to take part in more shorter distance club champ runs and beat my times of the ones I did in 2013 (specific goals to follow) – running went out the window in 2014 due to two sprained ankles and a lack of confidence. I want to go back to basics and just enjoy running for ruining, rather than signing up for different events.

Overall Project Lifestyle was interesting, but I set it up in too complicated a way. I worked towards the goals that were important to me, and others fell away for different reasons. I am going to learn from this for 2015 and focus on a few things that are the most important. I found it also did not allow for flexibility, which does not work for me. Later in the year I found I needed to change my goals to reflect my current situation and the project management approach was not constructive. I think I need a plan, but in steps rather than a set project plan. An interesting experiment and one I have learned from and will take away from greatly.

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