Birthday Week Round Up

Tomorrow I turn 30 and head off skiing, but I wanted to share what I treated myself to for the last week of my twenties! I didn’t end up buying a thing a day, but I indulged myself in other ways and that works for me.

Saturday – I decided to treat myself to my favourite fruit, Cherries, which are also really expensive (and definitely not seasonal) this time of year, but they were worth it.

Sunday  – On sunday I took some time out to go to a local coffee shop and sit in there with the atmosphere and look at the year just past and the one ahead. It was lovely and something I have not done in a while.


Monday – On Monday I had a Partylite party for the girls at running club and other friends as a way of celebrating my 30th. SO I treated myself to drinking wine and having a nice time.

Tuesday – One of the girls bought me some flowers so I decided to go and buy a new vase as the last one I had didn’t survive a trip in the dishwasher (oops)! I also went to see The Theory of Everything at the cinema.


Wednesday – I took another trip to a coffee shop and indulged in the sale and bought a lovely Christmas themed large mug to add to my collection. I also went and re-watched The Hobbit in 3D (my unlimited updated to include it for free this year) and loved it the second time.


Thursday – I spent today with my mum and we went shopping. I bought myself some new ski socks and also had lunch out with my numa and then met up with my dad in the evening for a meal at the local thai.

Friday – Today I spent packing, but I also took some time out to catch up with my friend Ingrid and go to the cinema to see Into the Woods. I then finished packing and having to tell Merry she cannot come in my suitcase even though I am stealing her bed from underneath my bed!


Time to go skiing!

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