Adventures in Tea… teapigs Matcha Latte

I’ve had thing for matcha tea since I first tried it a good number of years ago. It’s always been on the expensive side, so I have never consistently had it to hand to make things with myself. However since teapigs offered bloggers the chance to take part in their #matchachallenge and sent me over the matcha kit I have had the chance to try it a number of ways.

The matcha latte was something I tried in Vancouver the last time I was their and loved it. I tried to recreate it last year at home with a sample of matcha, but I didn’t get it quite right.


Whereas this year I have made two and they have both been really nice.


My method is to heat the milk in the microwave. I then boil the kettle and mix the matcha with honey in a nice amount of hot water and my milk frother. I then add the matcha mix to the milk and do an extra froth to get the foam on the top. This works for me, but there are several ways featured when you do a google search. I found a mix of about half water and half milk worked best. I like enough honey to sweeten the matcha to take the bitter edge it can have off. I think that is properly why I like the shot with apple juice as there is a natural sweetness there.


Both my cats have been intrigued by the green thing I’m drinking. Not enough to steal a try, but enough to take a good look at it.

This is a nice alternative and long way to get matcha into my life. It is also quite relaxing to make and feels a bit more like a ritual than the shot does. I would love to get the traditional matcha kit to make it even more of a ritual. I really want to visit Japan and go to a proper tea ceremony. I might look at seeing what people do in their own homes and see if I can replicate it in a way that fits with me.

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