Last Week of My Twenties

I turn 30 a week today and I’m really looking forward to it. I really don’t understand why people struggle with getting older. Maybe because I’ve always been older than my years it’s easier for me. I finally feel in a good place and changing decades feels like the right thing for me right now.

I’m going skiing for my birthday on my birthday, but I have also taken the week off before. I saw on Running with Spoons latest post currently – january 2015, that Amanda indulges in a birthday week and I love this idea.

I want to celebrate the last week of my twenties. I want to say goodbye to the last decade and move forward into the next in a good place.

So this week I am going to indulge myself beyond just taking the week off. I am going to buy myself a little treat each day, starting today. I don’t know what any of these treat will be year, my only rule is that it has to be bought in a shop and used for the first time that day.

Happy Birthday to me!

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