Adventures in Coffee… Hurrave for the Holidays

Just before Christmas I took a trip to Cirencester, which is about 15 miles from where I live and is very close to where I do all my lake swimming. I was recommended Rave Coffee by someone at my running club and had to make a trip out to their roastery and café to try for myself.


I have a local coffee roaster!


I decided to stock up on a blend and single origin bean and have a flat white (with the Christmas Blend) in the shop.


It’s a lovely little shop front where you can see into the back where all the good stuff happens. It’s on a little industrial estate, but it’s on the right side of town for me.


Over Christmas I enjoyed the Hurrave for the Holidays Blend and loved it. It is decribed as chocolate spice and winter berry. I found it very smooth and warming and have really enjoyed it with espresso based drinks. I have also had it in the French press with milk and it works really well. There is a bitterness to it when served just black, but it is a nice bite and if you are in the mood it works very well.

I looked around the Rave website before taking a trip out there as I like to research my buying options. I decided I wanted a blend and single origin as they recommend these are used for different types of drinks.

Blends  – “Our espresso blends have been specially developed for milk based espresso drinks. The blends mix single origins, from around the globe, to balance their characteristics and flavours.”

Single Origins – “We have a fine online selection of single origin and single estate coffees that can be enjoyed in a variety of brewing methods. We roast these coffees lighter to preserve the characteristics of the coffees origin. They can be enjoyed as black filter or espresso but only use a small amount of milk if making a cappuccino!”

I’ve also bought a single origin bean and will post about that later in the month.

Rave coffee is my new favourite and local place to go for good quality beans and coffee trip stop.

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