I want to get 2015 off to a good start, especially with having flu over Christmas! I feel like the last two months have flown by and I’ve been ill for most of it with colds and flu. So when I saw teapigs advertising their #matchachallenge and wanting bloggers to participate I jumped at the opportunity.

The kind folks over at teapigs sent me a modern matcha kit to get me going.

It includes a pot of matcha, a spoon, a shot glass, an aerolatte, and a cute little badge! IMG_0076.JPG

Also a two week checklist to take part in the challenge


I started this morning (a little bit before January, but eager to get started!) and will be sharing my #matchachallenge on here, Twitter, and Instgram.

My motivation for doing this is to boost my energy levels. With being ill for the last week I really need an extra boost so this is perfect timing. I have a few extra goals I’ll be watching, but am going to keep them private for now. My main incentive is energy all the way – especially for skiing in a couple of weeks!

So what is matcha?

“Matcha is 100% natural, organic green tea leaves which have been carefully ground down to form a fine powder.”

The teapigs website has a fantastic page all about the process and where it comes from in Japan so head over there for the full story and join in with the #matchachallenge! Hold out until January and there will be an offer on matcha too!

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