Powerbar Energizer Wafer – Chocolate Peanut Butter

powerbar choc pnb

As I said last week the folks over at ProBikeKit were kind enough to send me some products to review and I have been making the most of trying them out during my different activities.

First up is the Powerbar Chocolate Peanut Butter Wafer and I love it!

I was dubious when I asked to try this as my experience with wafers is having dry, extremely sweet, stuff stuck in your mouth. I know I am thinking of those pink wafer biscuit type things, but when that is all you know that is what you think of. Therefore I was surprised and delighted with what came out of the packet.

It’s a solid, but tasty, and also not dry snack. I really liked the taste. Neither the chocolate or peanut butter flavours were overpowering and just had a nice balance. I expected a cardboard type texture with the wafer, but it was crispy and melted into the softer layers once you were eating it.

I mainly used it before swimming and running this last week as the weather has not been great during the limited time I would have to cycle. However my intension would be to have this as solid food on longer bike rides. I am going to save a few packets out of the box for some longer rides early next year. I am thinking these will be a front runner for fuelling on the bike leg of my 70.3 triathlon in august – I’ll just need to practice opening them on the move!

I had to stop myself eating these as a normal snack as they were super tasty and satisfied my sweet tooth extremely well. I found they did give me an energy boost as I have been struggling for motivation on the cold and dark evenings. These were more than just energy bars for me. I could easily have them as a snack or before a gym session or swimming, as well as for having on my bike. Whereas the gel type products are specifically for the running parts of my training.

They are currently £9.99 for a box of 12 (down from £18) over at ProBikeKit right now!

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