Running – Back to Basics

I have all but stopped running in the last couple of months. I lost my love for it this last year (okay, maybe more like ‘like of it’). Then when triathlon season ended I struggled to find the motivation to get back out there and pound the pavement.

I think I also lost my confidence. Spraining the same ankle twice in the same year (only 4 months apart) knocked it into the ground and I couldn’t dig it back out.

So I have decided to go back to basics over the Christmas break.  How I am going to do this? Well I have a plan!

  • Get out for 20-30 minutes at a time – keeping it short and sweet
  • Start by doing walking and jogging intervals
  • Use heart rate training principles to keep it slow and steady – build a base
  • Get out on my own during the day – focus on myself and my enjoyment
  • Do the parkrun on the 27th December (no swimming that weekend)

My goal is to be able to feel confident and get back into joining the club runs after skiing at the end of January.

The run is my main worry when it comes to the 70.3 I’ve signed up for. I know I still have 8 months to train, but I’m still worried about it. I figure the sooner I get my confidence back the better I will feel about the whole thing.  I think I will focus on 30 minutes for January and then build to 60 minutes in February/March and 90 minutes in April/May. Then when I start the proper training in May I will have a good base and be half way towards the time I think it will take me to do the run leg of the 70.3.

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