MyProtein Max Virtue Bars


The folks over at were kind enough to send me over some products to test and review. I introduced the two products a few weeks ago, then go ill and held off trying them properly until I was better. Firstly I though I would share my thoughts on the bars – Max Virtue Bars in Maple and Pecan flavour.

I was super impressed by these bars. At only 95 calories each I was expecting a cardboard tasting bar with little appeal, but that is not what arrived!



Instead I received a  small, but well proportioned bar for a snack. I loved the look of it as I unwrapped it. It looked like real ingredients, rather than a mash of a mixture of lots of different things. It didn’t feel like it was being bulked out. It looked very appealing to my sweet tooth. I chose the maple and peacon flavour, but there are two other flavours available (Double Chocolate and Fruit Burst). I really enjoyed the flavour. It is on the sweet side, but at the same time nutty enough to not be overpowering. I love maple flavours so the coating on the bottom of the bar was a perfect touch to break up the flavour and the texture. It added a smoothness to the bar that you would not had otherwise.


I found the best time for me to enjoy these bars were for a mid-afternoon snack at work. I could make a cup of tea or coffee and enjoy this treat while other people had biscuits or cake. I tried them in the evening, but I felt they were a bit sweet for the time when I am trying to unwind. I found including them in my routine in the afternoon meant I was less likely to chose the cake (once I did), but compared to not using them and having no alternative snack option it was a success. I have lost 2lbs in the couple of weeks I started having them as a snack too – bonus! (Side note these work out at 3 propoints each on WW)


I received these free, but at £8.99 for a box of 12 I would definitely buy them. As of late last week they were on sale for half price, which is a bargain, and something I would look out for when wanting to stock up. Big thanks to MyProtein for allowing me to try these, I will be stocking up shortly!

I am taking a bit longer to review the protein powder I received as want to try it at different times and after different activities, so will post about that next week.

If you would to try the guys have given me a discount link to share 🙂

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