Building a Fitness Base over Winter

My aim over the next 4 months is to build a base of fitness for going into the spring with. I’ve been struggling the month with being ill, the all the swimming galas, and now feeling run down and unmotivated. So I have taken some time out to look at what I want and need to do in order to meet my goals in 2015.

I really need to focus on my running and cycling as these would be easy to let slip through the dark and cold months ahead. This is also the time I would like to get back in the gym for some simple strength training to support the other training I need to be doing.

I would like to do this by committing to consistency again. This isn’t going to be easy over the next two months with Christmas commitments and birthday fun happenings.  So I need to do what I can, when I can.

I’ve been looking at training plans for build up to the 70.3 triathlon next August and nothing suggests starting before 4 months out, which makes total sense. However where do you start when you want to build your base?

From the research I have done I think I do need to do a mixture of activities and intensities.  The focus should be to remain injury-free.

My baselines currently November 2014:

  • Swim 3.5km in 90 minutes (mixed session)
  • Swim 400m in 6.5 minutes and 800m in 13 minutes
  • Cycle for 60-90 minutes non-stop (group leisure ride)
  • Run for 50 minutes non-stop (4.5 mile club run)

My targets for March 2015:

  • Swim 4km in 90 minutes (with speed work included in session)
  • Cycle 2-3 hours non-stop
  • Run for 1.5-2 hours non-stop

To get there though I know I need to work on several things:

  • Speed – incorporate speed sessions
  • Distance – incorporate endurance sessions
  • Strength – incorporate strength sessions or drills
  • Hills – incorporate hill sessions (bike and run)
  • Time – incorporate timed sessions

I would like to get thinking about the above things now so to make it as easy as possible once it comes to stepping up my training in the Spring. I know hills are a current blocker of mine on both the bike and the run, so it would be good to get a head start on overcoming this. I also know my confidence is low when it comes to running, so I need to spend some time building this up again. Overall I want to get a variety of training in each week and generally build up my fitness and lose weight.

Another aspect I would like to research is nutrition and fuelling endurance training properly. At the moment I have no idea where to start with this so need to talk to people and read up on the subject.

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