Weekly Workouts – 10th November 2014

It’s swimming gala time, so that was my focus for the last week and the same for this week. I’m not going to give my times away just yet as want to look at them as a whole, but here was my week:

Monday = Rest

Tuesday = 400m Freestyle

Wednesday = Rest as on work course

Thursday = 200m Butterfly

Friday = 200m Backstroke and 200m Individual Medley

Saturday = Swim for 60 minutes very easily to loosen up shoulders

Sunday = Attempted Avebury 8 (off-road). Managed first mile and turned back as super uneven and did not want to risk my ankles. First ever DNF

Overall it felt like an intense week. I felt as though I was always at the pool, but I remember that from last year and I didn’t do nearly as many events. I feel good entering everything though as it gives me a different perspective on my swimming. I am not the fastest, but I am strong and consistent across all four strokes. That is now half way through and after this coming Saturday I will be complete for 2014.

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