Weekly Workouts – 3rd November 2014

The week that didn’t really happen – workout wise!

Last week I had a head cold and it took everything from me including energy and motivation. I probably could have forced myself to work out, but I just couldn’t be bothered mentally. However my club swimming champs started at the end of the week so I did do something!

Monday – evening in resting

Tuesday – Meal at the Hand and Flowers in Marlow

Wednesday – evening in resting

Thursday – Chinese meal with friends

Friday – 200m Breaststroke swimming gala

Saturday – Swimming gala – 4 short distance events

Sunday – swim coaching

Some weeks you just have to be kind to yourself and rest up. My cold hasn’t completely gone yet and it’s frustrating. My energy levels seem to have sunk, which may be due to winter and the darkness more than my cold now, but I need to give myself a push to get going again. November is taken up my swimming galas, which adds a level of stress/anxiety I forget to take into account. I am really focusing on my food this week as I let that go last week as well and pretty much ate everything in sight!

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