Adventures in Coffee… October Hasbean




This month’s coffee was my last from my Hasbean subscription (hopefully not forever though) and it was a coffee from one of my favourite coffee producing countries – Guatemala!

I have made the effort this months to try this coffee every way I can – espresso, latte, french press, pour over – and my favourite was actually the latte, followed by the pour over. It just went really nicely with milk. The espresso on it’s own was more acidic than the pour over and french press, so that is probably why the addition of milk worked well as it kept the acidity in the coffee, but smoothed it over with milk.




I love my matching Bodum cups – I also the same in an even larger size I tend to use for tea!

Here is the last In My Mug link for a while. It is still on my wish list to do a full In My Mug subscription where you get a different coffee each week and can follow the videos along.

I love finding out more about the coffee’s I am drinking. I have a soft spot for Guatemala coffees – I think I have just had some excellent coffee that happened to be from this country, which started in Seattle.

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