Adventures in Tea… Bluebird Tea Peppermint Cream


I purchased this special mint tea when I bought my sisters birthday present as I needed to up the order amount to get free delivery and I knew autumn was just around the corner I would be back to drinking mint tea on the colder evenings.

I love the sweet peppermint cream – so much so that I cannot buy a bag as I cannot be trusted. I will east the whole bag even though I know it will make me feel ill. They are super sweet and creamy and I just can’t stop once I’ve started.

So when I saw this tea I jumped at the chance for a not so damaging peppermint cream!

It has a sweetness to it I like, but it is nowhere near as sweet as the actual sweets. It makes a nice change from Twinnings Peppermint tea, with the added sweetness. I still think my favorite is Starbucks mint blend, but this is a close second 🙂


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