Weekly Workouts 27th October 2014

Not quite such a good week. A busy week, but that impacted on the amoutn of exercise I could do and wanted to do.

Monday = Run 2 miles in 24 minutes (missed running club as out for an Indian meal)


Tuesday = Swimming club – 3400m in 90 minutes

Wednesday = Running Club – 4.4 miles in 54 minutes


Thursday = Walking around Bristol waterfront (meal in Bristol)

Friday = Bike ride of 16.7 miles in 81 minutes (Halloween party)


Saturday = helped at local firework event (hungover after party and sore throat)

Sunday = swim coaching (felt worse with cold)

So that is a total of 4 hours and 15 minutes. Not quite reaching my 5 hour target. I also don’t think i will make it this coming week as am starting the week with a stupid head cold and am taking the decision to rest up in hopes it will disappear. I also have two nights out this week for meals.

So rather than fitness I will be focusing on food. I know that a healthy body and strong body starts in the kitchen and I could exercise all day but never lose weight if I don’t get my eating in order.

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