Project Lifestyle – Nutrition

My nutrition is something I have always struggled with. It’s like I didn’t learn about this when I was a child, so I now have to really put my effort into this as an adult.

I have been doing a lot of thinking about my nutrition recently as overall my project lifestyle work streams have been going really well. I feel at a point where I am happy and can maintain the levels required for all but nutrition.  So I have been looking back at all I have learnt in the past from various sources – weight watchers (lost 75lbs with), slimming world (only last two weeks, Ki Fit (using body data), NHS Live Well (lots of useful information) – and am trying to bring it together into something that works for me.

I have also looked at myself and the choices I make when it comes to food and found some key

  • I take the easy way when it comes to food
  • I like to eat a lot, so need to bulk things out to look like bigger meals
  • I like to have the right snacks available
  • I don’t like to deprive myself – leads to binging

So I need to accommodate these behaviours within my lifestyle to ensure they promote healthy actions, rather than unhealthy ones.

So I have come up with some guidelines to help me


  • Focus on 3 meals a day – research and experiment with balance of macronutrients
  • Snack on fruit first
  • Keep cakes and treats in work for special occasions (not because someone fancies it)
  • Use protein shakes to aid recovery and help with hunger after working out
  • Find some snacks that I can keep on hand that compliment my lifestyle – portioned out already for ease of consumption
  • Plan my meals and snacks around my workouts to avoid dips in energy
  • Track my food and drink intake to monitor overall consumption and watch for trends in behaviours

For me I love food, but I am lazy when it comes to preparing it. I do not want to put the effort into changing that, but rather put the effort into accommodating that aspect of my personality by having a stock of meals I can easily throw together and enjoy. I am glad we are heading into the colder winter months as it means I can do lots of one pot slow cooker meals and bulk them up with vegetables. I can also batch cook and have my own stock of ready meals in the freezer for easy meals during the week. I can also focus on a couple of meals where I do have time in the evenings to prepare at the time and enjoy cooking them. Coming to this understanding about myself makes it much easier to stick to a healthy lifestyle, rather than feel guilty about my lack of fresh cooking each week.

I am a creature of habit. Therefore I will use those special occasions where I head out for a meal to try something different (as I don’t have to cook it!). I have a few meals out coming up that  am looking forward to – Indian with my dad, Chinese with the girls, and Tom Kerridge with my family.

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