Weekly Workout Review 20th October

My first week of knowing I wanted to review my workouts went well. I didn’t get organised enough to find my heart rate monitor or get a new battery for my pool watch, but I did get to the majority of sessions I had planned.


  • Running Club hill session. 2.5 miles in 34 minutes with 5 laps of a 5% gradient.
  • Swim with friend. Easy kick session of 0.5 miles (32 lengths) in around 20 minutes.



  • Swimming Club Session. 1.9 miles (120 lengths) in 75 minutes.


  • Running Club Session. 4.3 miles in 53 minutes.



  • Rest


  • Swim with friends. Easy stretch out session or 0.4 miles (25 lengths) in 20 minutes.


  • Swimming Club session. 4 miles (92 lengths) in 60 minutes (with chatting).
  • Bike ride with friends. 25.8 miles in 2 hours and 4 minutes. Additional time for a café stop!



  • I planned to swim, but felt extremely tired and knew I would be swim coaching later (and I had also done so on Friday and Saturday evenings), so let my body rest and enjoyed a relaxed Sunday.

Overall I completed 7 difference session this week and a total of 6 hours and 24 minutes, which exceeds my minimum goal of 5 hours. I am very pleased by this as was disappointed about Sunday, but knew I needed the extra sleep. I know that when I get my food on track and balanced I can perform better and so this is something to work on with the goal of being able to do all my planned activities with a good level of energy.

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