A New Focus

My life is changing focus yet again.

I will be signing up to a 70.3 triathlon for August 2015!

My running club has a triathlon section and we are doing it as a club. Originally I was going to do it as a relay and only do the swim, but my training buddy wants to do the whole thing and we agreed to train together for a possible 140.6 in 2016.

So this winter is all about building my base up on my running and cycling, and keeping my performance up in my swimming. I also want to get back in the gym for strength training. As well as really focusing on my diet and understanding what I require to fuel this type of event.

It’s not going to be easy, but I want to push myself.

I am going skiing for my 30th in January, which will be my first holiday for almost 2 years and that will pretty much be it for next year as well.  So I have plenty of time to commit to this.

I feel good about this going forward. I have something to focus on over winter and something that will help me stick to the changes I want to make to my life – specifically nutrition based changes. Having a training buddy is going to help. Even if we don’t train together all the time, knowing we are both committed to the same thing will be a really big help and motivator.

I am also focusing on my swim teaching as my swimming club will fund the first two levels of courses as I am helping out with the kids section. I want to then use this to help the tri section better next year.  I am really enjoying coaching, but feel I lack the technical knowledge about the strokes to help beyond the basics, however the club are really good at being there and providing support and advice.

So my winter plan is just to commit to my club sessions and make sure I get out on the bike at weekends. I have a turbo trainer now just in case the weather makes it impossible to go outside.  This adds up to about 7 hours a week. I’ll need to up that in the new year, but I do not want to up it too soon and burn out. So I will be talking with my swimming club’s head coach about the plan 16/12 weeks out from the race.

So my adventures will be more about exploring locally. I will show you lots of the sights I find on my runs and bike rides. I also share the things I plan to research and learn about over the winter months.  I hope you enjoy the new direction. There will still be adventures in books, coffee, and tea, but I imagine scaled back a bit.

On to the next adventure!

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