Tea Tasting

After researching coffee tasting I also decided to look at tea tasting and see if I could improve my writing on this subject as well.

Again thanks to the Moleskine, I found their tea journal that has a great, basic explanation of what to look for when drinking tea.

The professionals evaluate four key aspects:

  • the appearance and feel of the dry leaves
  • the colour and body of the liquor (the liquid produced by steeping the leaves)
  • the aromas
  • the flavours

This is quite similar to coffee in some ways, but I think there will be more variation in the flavours and aromas due to the types of tea I like to try.

There was also a section on tasting method:

  • After draining the leaves, give the liquor a minute to cool off.
  • Put your nose close to the tea and inhale deeply to take in the aromas. Breathe out.
  • Take a sip, flushing the tea all over your palate.
  • Assess the weight or body of the tea in your mouth.
  • Continue to hold the tea in your mouth and breathe in through your nose to catch the flavours.
  • Swallow the tea. Breathe out.
  • Discern the aromas at the back of your nasal passages
  • How long do the flavours last after you’ve swallowed (the “finish”)?

I’m going to try to use this going forward with my tea subscription!

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