Adventures in Coffee… August Hasbean



Guatemala Fina San Sebastian Washed Bourbon

I loved this coffee and was super sad when I finished the packet from August. This is what I love in a coffee – bold, smooth, dark – I do tend to love a Guatemala coffee. I think it must be where and how it is grown. You always get some of the soil taste in what you grow and I think this is what I love so much.

The coffee details tell me this is grown in volcanic soil at about 1500 metres above sea level. The farm this came from is long established and is in its 4th generation of the same family. I love knowing this about the coffee I’m drinking.  I love that Hasbean go to visit the farm from where they get their coffee and in this video there is a fantastic interview with the farmer.

The flavours that were expected were raisins and dark chocolate. It was a clean taste with a deep aroma. I enjoyed this as a French press, being a big more gritty and oily, then as a cone pour over, for a cleaner taste, and also in espresso form for an intense hit of deep, dark flavour.

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