Adventures in Coffee… July Hasnean


Ethiopia Mormora Coffee Plantation Fully washed Hierloom Varietals

Ethopia is the birth place of coffee and is indigenous to the country. This is something I did not know

I can’t say this was a favourite. It was an okay coffee, but did not have the taste I am after from a good cup of coffee. It was quite light. For me the lime and acidity was stronger than the chocolate flavours and that is not my favourite kind of flavour.

I didn’t really get the sweetness coming through. They compare it to the chocolate lime sweet you can get, which I quite like, but didn’t get that here. I preferred it with milk as it made it a bit smoother. I didn’t enjoy the espresso as it was too intense for me.

I do love trying all these different coffees from all different countries. I feel I am learning more and more, but that it doesn’t come across in my posts. So it is a goal of mine to improve the way I write about coffee.

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