Mynwood Cat Walking Jackets

I bought a lilac jacket for Merry and a purple jacket for Pippin and although they were not too sure to begin with they now know that putting on the jackets means they can go outside and catch spiders and eat grass.

Maria was super helpful when I contacted her about choosing the right size for the kittens. They have kitten jackets at the moment, which will last while they grow. The Velcro is currently all used, but there is enough to be able to extend the length of the neck and under body pieces for the future. I will very likely purchase bigger ones once they have reaches their full size.




The jackets feel very secure and I don’t think limit the kittens manoeuvrability in any way. They have started to jump, pouch, and run in the garden. They are easy to put on and take off once I hold them firmly facing away from me as instructed in the video on the website. They are well made in terms of stitching and fabric and give me confidence when taking both Merry and Pippin outside.



I have only taken them out in the evening so far. Always around dusk as it tends to be quieter on my street. As we head into winter I will have to go out in the dark, but I can wrap up or take them out in the morning before work. I am only taking them out as a treat at the moment as I can’t get into a routine due to my commitments, but would love to get to the point of taking them out every day.


Lead training is taking time, but they are responding to stopping and not being able to go any further than allowed. Walking alongside them is different matter. I can get them to make their way from the front door to the garden, but would not be able to walk them along the road just yet. Maybe in time I will be able to walk them to the field just down the road.


I would definitely recommend these to anyone with indoor cats or any cat that you want to keep safe while outside. If I ever move or have to take them on a long car journey these will be great as I would be able to stop somewhere quiet and let them out along the way.

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