The Personalities of Merry and Pippin

My life recently has been all about cats, so I thought I better start sharing their adventures, as adventures, even the smallest ones, are why I started this blog in the first place!

My kittens are now over 5 months old! They moved in with me back at the beginning of August and have made themselves at home. They have been through a lot in the two months since moving in. They have been to the vet multiple times for vaccinations, warming, fleas, nurturing, and check-ups. Merry has even had to wear the cone for 10 days! Their shaved patches are growing back.


I’ve been reading a number of cat blogs and books and wanted to do a post about their personalities. Even though they are brother and sister from the same litter they look different and act very differently.



  • The girl, aka the boss (and will growl if you get in her way)
  • Silently judging from where ever she may be perched
  • Doesn’t meow, but rather chirps to communicate
  • Doesn’t like car rides – at her most vocal
  • Obsessed with tissues and socks
  • Approach to life is ‘claws first, ask questions later’
  • Aim in life is to reach the next level of the bookshelf
  • Sleeps either under the bed or in the middle (if I’m not there)
  • Fluffy and requires grooming, although prefers to bite the brush
  • Nick-names: Miss, Squeaker , The Wriggler , Spider-cat


  • The boy
  • Vocal in his displeasure of me talking to him when he wants to sleep
  • Easy to pick up and more a lap cat if you sit still long enough
  • Obsessed with feet, especially when they move
  • Always hungry (excellent at catching spiders for bonus nutrition)
  • Approach to life is to ‘always show affection in the moment, especially at 3am’
  • Aim in life is to break the record for fastest decent down the stairs
  • Sleeps in a carrier or in the cat bed on top of the laundry basket
  • Nick-names: Bud, Speedy, Noisy, Explorer-cat

They are both definitely going through their teenage years and go from one mood to the next without notice.


I have been taking them out in the garden on leads in their Mynwood Jackets (separate post to come) and they really enjoy it. They will now walk out the front door and make their way to the garden through gentle persuasion rather than have to be carried out. I am in constant debate of whether I should just let them roam free. It is purely selfish reasons I don’t want them to as I know it would cause me stress and worry wondering where they are and if they are safe. I am looking at safe collars for identification purposes, even though they have been micro-chipped. I don’t particularly want to get cat flaps as I would require two to go out through into the garage and then outdoors. I want them to be happy, but I want them to be safe.


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