September Project Lifestyle Update

Project Lifestyle Purple Cover

Looking back at the last month some things have fallen into place and others have fallen out of place. I’m okay with this though. I’m also okay with not doing the updates I was doing for the first half of the year. A lifestyle change is a huge thing to do and I will constantly learn and adapt along the way.

Nutrition seems to be coming together. I have to be strict with myself at times in order to be freer at other times. I have lost a few pounds consistently so far. I don’t want this to be the focus on of my life or my blog so am keeping it short and sweet.

Fitness has taken a motivational downturn. I think this has been impacted by the change in season and the focus on food. I have a lack of energy at the moment, which is not surprising as I have cut down my calories. My body needs to adjust to the correct fuel intake and therefore not exercise as hard as I was before it okay. I am not currently training for anything. I know I can do what I can and I know where I want to make improvements.

The other work-streams (Mental Health, Career, and Social) are all moving along nicely and I feel in a good place with all of them.

It is important to take a step back and look at the bigger picture and take to focus on the bits that require the attention in that moment. It’s about being flexible and being okay with that. I am slowly, but surely creating the lifestyle I want and recognising the barriers that come along and working out what effort I want to put into knocking them down. Sometimes it’s just better to leave them as they are for another time.


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