Adventures in Books… Talk to the Tail

talk to the tail

“Following on from Tom’s life with six cats in UNDER THE PAW, he now picks up the story in TALK TO THE TAIL, updating readers on what has happened with his feline friends as well as looking back for more confessions about his animal-loving past. 
Readers of Tom’s previous book will be delighted to read what has happened to his six eccentric cats. Why does Janet keep bringing 1980s sweet wrappers into the house? Will 24-hour surveillance of The Bear, using a state-of-the-art cat GPS system, finally solve the mystery of his wanderlust? Tom also writes about his bumbling forays into the remainder of the animal kingdom. He attempts to overcome his crippling fear of horses with disastrous results, chase ostriches in Kenya, put his hand into a tiger’s mouth for 0.9 seconds and he meets his ‘alter-doggo’ — the spaniel Tom regularly walks who likes to roll around in dead animals. Where will it all end? Will he give in to temptation and get a dog, a goat or even more cats? With this soppy creature-obsessive, anything is possible.”

I’m reading these in the wrong order, but when they go to 99p for Kindle I just jumped at this one and then the first book went to 99pm once I was in the middle. The second book is still more expensive so am holding off for a while.

I love cats! This has expanded exponentially since getting two of my own and so I have an amazon wishlist full of cat books at the moment. I read A Streetcat Called Bob last year and loved it. I sometime find it hard to read non-fiction, but these kinds of books are just a different kind of story.

This book is all about Tom and his life with 6 cats. How he came by having 6 cats is told in another book. It is funny and real and shows that all cats have a life and personality of their own. It is also shows how every decision you make always comes back to the cats. For example buying a house and the type of garden you want. It is also says a lot about how relationships are impacted and it is just as complicated with pets if a relationship ends.

Cats notice change and feel stress and emotions just as we do, but we are not always good at interpreting what they need.  This books has made me more aware of the little character differences between my cats and making sure I treat them well in the ways they need and want.

This was a lovely quick book to read and made me smile. I read it all in one day while I was on leave from work and very much enjoyed that day of relaxation.  I hope there are more books about the adventures of The Bear and Tom and all the other cats he meets along the way.

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