Adventures in (Audio)Books… Grave Peril


“Harry Dresden’s faced some pretty terrifying foes during his career. Giant scorpions. Oversexed vampires. Psychotic werewolves. It comes with the territory when you’re the only professional wizard in the Chicago area phone book. But in all Harry’s years of supernatural sleuthing, he’s never faced anything like this: the spirit world’s gone loco. All over Chicago, ghosts are causing trouble – and not just of the door-slamming, boo-shouting variety. These ghosts are tormented, violent, and deadly. Someone – or something – is purposely stirring them up to wreak unearthly havoc. But why? And why do so many of the victims have ties to Harry? If Harry doesn’t figure it out soon, he could wind up a ghost himself …”

Audible sent me through an offer I couldn’t resist – £1.99 a month for 3 months, compared to the normal £7.99 a month! I had to sign back up and this was the perfect excuse to get the next Dresden Files book, which is narrated by James Masters! I love his narration so much!

I enjoyed this book although I got a bit lost on where the story was going in the middle but it was interesting and there was some character development and as this series just realised something like book 15 I felt like I needed tolerance bait more about Harry.

I loved being able to listen once I was in bed as I’ve been struggling to read once I’m tried but need something to help me unwind.

I don’t think there was a major jump in overall story but there were some new characters introduced and some background to previous characters. I have no idea where the overall story is headed but am intrigued to see if there is a big bad (still use this term from Buffy) that will become a major plot line. Otherwise I like the style of crime and fantasy mixed together.

I plan on continuing to get these as audiobooks as I love them in this form.

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