Loving Life

Getting Merry and Pippin was a great decision. They are fantastic company and are still getting more affectionate with each day.


They are also crazy at times and love to look at anything I have – including tea and sparkling water!


Plus they are so cute when they sleep!








I’ve also been training them to wear harnesses and walk forward on the lead for treats and it’s working really well. I only have them on for a little bit each day and reward them for their good behaviour and they have gone form hating to having them on to this week falling asleep with them on as I add a few minutes on each time. These aren’t the ones I’m actually going to use as they are too big and I feel they are not that comfortable once attached the leads so I plan on getting some jacket ones which I’ve seen online and look much better fitting.



They make me feel happy when I come home and I love staying in now and playing with them and watching them sleep and explore. I’ve been slacking on my exercise, but I’m not beating myself up about it as I’ll only get this time with them as kittens once and I want to enjoy it. I feel happy right now and that is such as different place to where I’ve been for the last few years and I want to give them a great life and be around for them for their whole lives.

The death of Robin Williams is another reminder of how precious life is and that everyone is fighting their own battles. Asking for help and making steps to help ourselves shows strength and admitting that you are not okay is the first step and the bravest one to take. Merry and Pippin have made me love life again and I’m so thankful for that.


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