Best Things I’ve Bought for my Kittens (so far)

Are these!


20140731-205902-75542857.jpg They absolutely love the lookout! They jump, climb, scratch, play, and sleep on it. They also gave my sister murderous glares (her words) while watching the room. It hasn’t completely stopped them starching the sofa, but I can tell they prefer the roped poles for sinking their claws into.

I’m sure I could have probably found something cheaper (it was £45) but I wanted to get it right away and Pets at Home is on my way home from work so it’s super convenient. It’s holding up well so far, but as they grow and get heavier the top tier might be less study, but then I can always get a new one – a bigger one haha!









Also this water fountain is amazing. They drink a lot more than they did when I just put water in a bowl and they like moving around the different levels and to the waterfall to drink. It also stops their whiskers getting in the way as the main bowl is much bigger. It’s also super quiet and I leave it plugged in running the whole time and I don’t notice it at all. I need to find a better place for it or move my bottle storage to another location.

I am so owned by these two. They will be getting new toys more often than I treat myself and probably destroy them too!

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