Wandering around the Olympic Park and Taking a Dip

Last weekend my swimming club got the chance to swim in the pool that was used for the 2012 Olympics! We had a 2 hour session and a wander around the park to make a great day out.


We set off from the local pool carpark at 7:30am on Saturday and headed with a bus load of kids and adults on our way to London. The good thing about the weekends is that there is no congestion charge so we got to go right through the centre of London and had an unintentional sightseeing tour on the way.

The downside of this trip was finding the way into the swimming pool for the coach; the signage was very bad and we ended up having to loop back and go through several traffic lights that refused to turn green! But we got there in plenty of time to have a look round at the pool and stands and also see what would have been the warm up pool. It looks very different from how it did on the TV as all the extra seating has gone and all the Olympic branding has been taken down. Also 50m pools look deceivingly shorter than they are! We released it’s because the lane ropes are pretty much the same proportions as the 25m lane ropes and therefore our brains just see the same distance – until we started swimming!

We had a 2 hour session and swam with the competition squad and had a good laugh. One of the coaches had found out the Olympic swim times for 50m and we did some time trials to see how much difference there was in our swimming – mine was a lot as I hate sprinting – give me a 1500m swim over 50m any day!




We finished our session and headed the Westfield shopping centre to grab some lunch and a coffe. We then headed into the park to have a wander and enjoy the sunshine. We didn’t walk too far as it was super-hot that day and the park trees are not yet big enough to provide any shade, so we took it slowly and just enjoyed people watching and having an ice cream.







It was great to finally visit the park as I didn’t go when the Olympics were on as I wasn’t sure I would be at home and I hate the logistics of getting around when it’s super busy. It’s definitely worth a visit and to see a different part of London.

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