Adventures in Tea… Bluebird Tea Month Two



I am so behind on my tea posts! My life has been overtaken by two furry fluff balls and I love it. Also it’s been super warm for the UK and that’s meant I haven’t wanted tea in the evenings so have a bit of a stash of these left but I have tried them all now!



This is fantastic tea! I love the sourness but also sweetness of the cherries and the dryness that comes from the green tea. This would be perfect iced and is something I must try while it’s too warm to drink hot. Perhaps I’ll make some now – and some ice



This is a lovely after dinner tea. It would be perfect in winter, so I might keep hold of this until the weather cools off and I want to snuggle up with a hot mug of tea on the sofa.




This is very similar to the chai from last month, but this time it has caffeine, so it great during the day. Again this is another drink for cooler weather and I’ll be keeping hold of it for after the summer.

I’ve already received month three and I wouldn’t be surprised if month 4 was on the way soon! I need it to cool off so I can get back to my tea drinking!

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