Floating Along

It’s been a bit of a catch up post week this week. With the sudden arrival of two kittens into my house my life has been taken over with the playful furballs. It’s been trips to the vets and pet shops and ordering stuff online – including a water fountain with flowing waterfall for the drinking water – I know, but they love it and I’m happy they are already drinking more water in this heat we are having than before.

However I’ve also been doing lots of water related stuff. We had our club gala where the Masters swim against the kids for good fun. We came third out of four teams – usually we get disqualified! I also spent the weekend doing a powerboat course with my sister on the Bristol Channel. It was fun, but intense. Learning to drive a powerboat is harder than I thought it was going to be. I’ve also been doing some swim coaching and over at the lake enjoying the sunny weather. Everything has been floating along!

I’m off with the swimming club to the Olympic pool for a swim session on Saturday too and cannot wait! I’m also helping with the swim part of an ironman distance triathlon at the beginning of August and then a half at the end of August. Otherwise my plans are all around my house and cats for the next month. I’ve got some books I want to read and enjoy too.

Things are feeling good right now and I am making the most of it.

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