Project Lifestyle July Social Workstream

Project Lifestyle Purple Cover

I feel I’m finally at peace with my social life. I spend time with those people I want to spend time and get out to running and swimming club during the week. I’ve added swim coaching and chat to lots of different people. I’m happy with how things are at the moment. I enjoy spending time with my family, but also I enjoy my time alone either at home or wandering.

I’ve accepted I’m not a social butterfly and thought of spending too long with people is draining on its own without actually having to do it. I’m not good at just hanging out. I like to be doing stuff, so it’s been great to get out with my friend walking. Also the cats have helped and meant I’ve invited people round mien to meet them.

There have been a few events in other people lives recently that have made me stop and think. I’m fed up with justifying who I am and I am just going to live how I want to live and be happy being me. If others don’t like that or me because of it I haven’t got time for them. I’ve also realised if it is always me making the effort I get annoyed and therefore need to stop. All relationships should be balanced and everyone happy in them and to be honest my most important relationship right now is the one I have with myself.

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