Project Lifestyle July Nutrition Workstream

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If I’m honest I’m not sure what I’m doing this month. It’s all about the cat’s nutrition really. Why do they have it so easy? The vet has said as long as they have good quality dry food that is all they need. My neighbour uses the same food as I am moving my cats to and said she give hers some tuna as a treat, so I thought I would do that. But having an all in one food is striking a cord with me. Not that I want to drink shakes or have baby food type meals, but it seems so easy. However I know I would hate it.

I’ve had further conversations with my doctor about this again this month and I feel he is being relaly supportive and helping me. It is not like I am sitting at home doing nothing. In the last two months I’ve done 2 triathlons and my longest every open water swim. Plus all the training that goes with those things! I just also eat too much.

So this month I am going to concentrate on slowing down.  I’m going to start using the 20 minute guide to help me eat my meals over a longer period, not just wolf them down. I want to notice how my body reacts to being fed and relearn those feelings I don’t notice anymore.

So a simple thing, but one I neglect fully.

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