Adventures in Books… A Clockwork Angel


“London, 1878: Sixteen-year-old Tessa Gray’s priority should be finding her brother, not falling in love, especially with two boys. She is soon caught in a dangerous love triangle where a wrong decision could prove fatal. Tessa will need all her strength to save her brother and stay alive as she learns the chilling truth of what really lurks on London’s streets after dark.”

Another series I have wanted to start reading for a while and finally found in the library earlier this month. I enjoyed the first three books of The Immortal Instruments series (not sure where the second three are going yet) and like the writing style of the author, so thought I would enjoy these.

I like to read books set in the same world as others series as there is a familiarity about them from the beginning (Robin Hobb is my go to for this!). I liked that this book was set a long time before the other series as it makes if different right away. Also changing location is fun and interesting. There were a few similarities in the story right away, but they are different enough not to notice, or at least stop caring about, once you get to know the characters.

The story is full of suspense and twists along the way so it felt quite fast paced.  You are also learning about the world at the same time as the main characters, Tessa. I wasn’t sure where the story was going, but I love that about books and hate guessing the ending. I am also intrigued to see where the series goes and how it links to the more recent set books beyond the distant family relation.

I’m already reading the second book and reserved the final book from the library. I’m so glad libraries are getting better at stocking lots of books, even if they have to be delivered from other libraries in the region, it makes it much better than buying every book I want to read.

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