Cotswold Ladies Only Triathlon

Last weekend I did the TriFerris Ladies Only Triathlon at the Cotswold Water Park. This was the first sprint distance event I’ve do e. It was a 750m swim, then a 20km bike, and a 5km run.

I was really pleased with the event and was lucky to have lovely weather again for my second triathlon of the year and that means I’m half way through my goal of four triathlons this year as part of Project Lifestyle!




The swim set off at 8:10am and it was great! I loved every minute of the swim and wish it could have been longer. I was on the feet of the front pack the whole way and came out of the water in 21st place.

The transition was good. I got my wetsuit off quickly but did get my t shirt stuck longer than I would have liked. I the. Ran the transition with the bike and got to the mount area. No broken toes this year!

The bike course was good with no big hills just a few inclines. I rode most of the way with my hands on my bottoms bars which felt great. I knocked almost 13 minutes off my time from last year as the bike course was the same but I think that was mainly to do with the new bike more than anything else. I even overtook four people from the wave in front. Although I dropped down to 98th position!

The next transition was good just. Quick swap of the shoes and I was away.

The run felt horrible. I got overtaken by everyone or at least that is what it felt like. It was two laps round the lake and was nice and flat. I still had to walk a few times but I kept going and finished in a better time than I realised. I also managed to finish with a sprint but then couldn’t talk for 5 minutes while I caught my breath.

Overall it was a great race. I know the run is where I need to work the most, but the fact I can do all parts and finish on a high is amazing to me.

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2 thoughts on “Cotswold Ladies Only Triathlon

  1. Great review- was considering doing this race but had to work nights so couldn’t in the end- looked like you had great weather for it! I enjoy triathlons too so maybe check out my blog if you get the chance, only just getting started but have enjoyed reading your race reviews! My weakest part is def the bike- we all have one discipline we’re less good at but keep at it!

    1. Thanks Rose! I tried to reply to your comment on my phone a few days ago, but for whatever reason the app was having none of it. Welcome to the blogging world!I found your blog and am heading over to leave a comment shortly.
      The event was really good and I definitely recommend it next year. I know Lorraine the organiser and there is another one (not Ladies only) in September and I’ll be doing that too. We’ve been really lucky with the weather this year and it’s made doing the training and events really fun. Let me know if you decide to do it as I’m usually helping with registration too so I’ll be easy to find 🙂

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