Project Lifestyle June Career Workstream

This is the job where I have actual objectives written down and I will have to work towards achieving all of them over the next 8 months. Some I have achieved as they are officially from April, but it’s taken a while for the new team improvements to be accepted and planned out around the wider team. But I got them at the start of the month and plan on spending June making sure I fully understand what is expected of me and where I can plan to exceed expectations.

I also have some work to do on my strengths and weaknesses. This in turn will help me work out what kind of roles will be suitable to me in the future of my career and start working towards them now, rather than wait for my contract to come up.

It feels an exciting time and the money worry seems worth it at the moment. I know next year after a year of no international travel I’ll be fighting for more money, but fingers crossed if I work hard and prove myself there will be the opportunity for promotion.

So this workstream isn’t that simple this month, but it feels very focused and that is what I need. I can also spend time on this during my working day, rather than trying to fit it in with everything else I am trying to do outside of work. I’ve also got some travel time this month so the train is the perfect time to sit and focus for a couple of hours.

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