Project Lifestyle June Fitness Workstream

My fitness workstream is going well overall. I am pleased with how I am doing and although I wish I could do more I know I am making the most of my time. I am also volunteering at events, which was something I had not done before and it makes fitness fun. It’s also really enjoyable being around like minded people is really great and makes me feel motivated.

I may have joined an Ironman relay team to do the swim for next year so I know I want to do well and not let the team down so need to look at my overall fitness and make sure my nutrition workstream is helping me work towards this. Sometimes I think I’m crazy, but actually I look forward to challenging myself. The thought of doing all 3 aspects of an Ironman freaks me out, but doing the swim would be good.

So this month I am keeping it simple with challenging myself to be active in some way every day. This doesn’t have to be structured activity, but rather not sitting at my desk all day and then coming home and collapsing on the sofa (normal Friday night for me). So I am including things such as walking at lunchtime and swim coaching as both require me to be on my feet and out of the house or office. I will maintain my swimming, running and cycling and also try to get strength training back into my routine after my triathlon this month. Also there will be some sailing in the mix. The hardest part will be the week after the triathlon where it will be tempting to use rest as an excuse, but that’s where walking comes in!

This will be a challenge as I am away with work a couple of times and I know I tend to limit what I do because I’m somewhere new or too tired. So the aim is to get out and explore and make time to do so and not just return to my hotel and watch TV (again totally normal for me when away with work).
I have started off the month well as I did the local Race for Life event on the 1st and then have been swimming, lake swimming, running, and walking since. I feel good and when the sun is out it’s a bonus!

In a spinning plate analogy this plate only needs a bit of attention this month as I have a good routine and attitude about it. I know I can keep this going and therefore can focus on the nutrition workstream over anything else this month. I’ll update on the triathlon towards the middle of the month.

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