Adventures in Coffee… Starbucks Tribute Blend


This was an emergency buy as I ran out of coffee at work and this was the easiest thing to get. I went for the Tribute blend rather than my normal bold and have really enjoyed it as an everyday coffee. It is very drinkable and can be made strong in a French press without overpowering the drink.

I went for it because it was described as dark cherry and spice. That description drew me in and I’m glad it did. It is a blend of coffee from Ethiopia, Sumatra, Papua New Guinea and Columbia. It is also described as complex, but I have found it smooth and straight forward. Maybe I prefer complex coffees over simple single blends. I wonder if that I why I struggle with a couple of the Hasbean single beans I have had so far as there is nothing to enhance or weaken a specific attribute other than the brew method.

I have avoided Starbucks for a while in order to try different coffees, but as a standby source I am happy with the coffee they provide and the price they provide it for.


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