Project Lifestyle May Mental Health Workstream

Project Lifestyle Purple Cover

This month’s mental health focus is going to be two aspects – the book Mind over Matter and getting back into Headspace. I am also starting a 6 week mindfulness course this month. So really, this month is all about mindfulness. It’s something I’ve flirted with in the past, but not fully committed to and I want that to change. I started the course the year before last, but didn’t click with the teacher and as I was in a low period I just stopped going half way through. I’ve also worked through the Take 10, Take 15, and Take 20 meditations with Headspace and started on some of their other guided ones, but lost track with that.

So this is about reconnected those things. I am not setting myself any goals or deadlines, other than attend the course, start working through the book, and start headspace again. Simple.

I’ll update you through the month on how I get on.

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