Project Lifestyle May Social Workstream

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I’m taking things down a notch this month. I have some things planned with my sister and running club and swimming club, but otherwise I want to focus on what I do when I am alone. This might seem odd to put into my social workstream, but really this is about the blog. It’s about rediscovering the things I love for myself and making time for them in between everything else I do. It’s about the simple things in life – tea, coffee, and books!

Then of course, getting my adventures on my blog!

So it’s about my own time and making it what I want. As summer is arriving I get to do more outdoor activities such as sailing and volunteering and triathlons. Therefore I also need to make my downtime mean something to me. Sometimes that will be a nap, but other times it’s reading or enjoying a good coffee or tea. This goes hand in hand with my Mental health workstream this month.

I have found over the last few months that I enjoy being around the right people. The people who make me feel good about myself, for who I am and who I can talk to easily. It’s hard for me to open up in person, but I have pushed myself to do that with my sister and it feels great. I feel great. I think I am finding that balance between having the down time I need and spending time with people like my sister. I also love spending time with my running and swimming clubs. They are so positive and upbeat and make you feel welcome and part of the team. I’ve put myself out there by helping coach the triathlon swim sessions and asking for advice on bikes and injury. It’s weird that people know who I am even when I don’t run with them.

So that is my focus for May. Keeping it simple and actually looking forward to going to a friend’s 40th birthday party at the end of the month with my sister, which I would have probably avoided last year. Progress is being made!

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