Project Lifestyle May Fitness Workstream

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My fitness plan took a detour in April with spraining my ankle and being sick. I basically missed two weeks of April. It’s frustrating, but like my nutrition workstream I feel like I am learning about myself from my reactions to unplanned  obstacles.

Instead of dwelling on not being able to run, I focused on what I could do and went with it. I also made a plan to seek help and understand what I can do to help myself heal and strengthen myself. I’ve been reading about injury and have come across some common themes:

  • Focus on what you can do
  • Have patience
  • Eat well
  • Treat the symptoms, while looking for the cause
  • Seek help to right the cause

I’ve pulled out of the first triathlon I had planned for May to give myself an extra week of strengthening, but I’m volunteering instead, so it will still be a full day and half of triathlon focus. This way I don’t feel I’m missing out. I’ve decided to do the local one in my town as I’ve asked the organiser to put me in an early wave as although I can swim fast, I am not fast cycling or running (especially as I plan to walk/jog the run part) and really didn’t want to be the last one out on the course. So my focus on that one is just to have fun and enjoy it being local. I’m not going to worry about time, but rather use it as a warm up for the ladies only one I’ve transferred to in June.  I have also found another one in August to sign up for so I can still meet my goal of 4 triathlons this year.

So May is all about coming back from injury and building strength in my weak ankles. Running is taking a slight back seat as I build back up slowly. I will focus on swimming, cycling, and strength. It has definitely made me re-think. I know I am hard on myself and this has made me stop and listen to other people and myself and do what I have to do to feel good. A few years ago I would have given up and then started again, whereas right now it’s been about moving forward and learning and doing what I can to make it better. That is definitely a step.

It will be a triathlon focused month and I’ll do a volunteer recap and race recap on the blog later in the month.

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