Adventures in Books… Rage Against the Dying


Rage Against the Dying by Becky Masterman

“After a long and murky career with the FBI, Brigid Quinn is trying to move on. She’s got a nice house. Dogs. A husband who knows nothing of her past. But the abduction and murder of a young female colleague still haunts her.

So when the girl’s body is finally found, and a man confesses to the murder, Brigid is desperate for answers. Yet the more she learns, the more convinced she is that they have the wrong man. Following leads that the Bureau ignored, she’s propelled straight into the path of a ruthless serial killer. One who has evaded the law for decades, and will stop at nothing to keep her quiet…

But Brigid Quinn is a woman to be reckoned with.”

This was another work bookclub book and was a lot better than the one before, although the group had mixed feelings about this. I like serial killer novels because they don’t feel real. For me this is fantasy, rather than one off crime events, which feel real.

I didn’t really like the main character, but I like the premise of a retired FBI agent being drawn back in for a cold case they she couldn’t solve. Something like this always draws me in.

I found the book fast paced and finished it in a day and a half. It was a mixed response from the group, but everyone agreed they didn’t see who did from the start and for me that makes a crime book. I love trying to guess, but I love even more when I don’t get it right. There was one bit that stuck out in my mind as weird, but I just passed it off as being set in a different country, but if I had I would have got it. I hope that doesn’t give anything away!

Overall this was a good fast paced book that I would recommend to others who like crime. The only downside was my lack of connection and feelings for the main character. I like to like the main character, but I just didn’t feel anything for her. As it’s not a series I don’t mind that so much.

Short and sweet this time as I am so behind with blogging, that I just wanted to get some posts out. I’m not looking for a career in reviewing so this is only really to share my thoughts without giving away the story of the book.

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