Adventures in Books… A Commonplace Killing


A Commonplace Killing by Sian Busby

“London, July 1946. A woman’s body is found in a disused bomb site off the Holloway Road. She is identified as Lillian Frobisher, a ‘respectable wife and mother’ who lived with her family nearby.

The police assume that Lillian must have been the victim of a sexual assault; but when the autopsy finds no evidence of rape, they turn their attention to her private life… How did she come to be in the bomb site, a well-known lovers haunt? Why was her husband seemingly unaware that she’d failed to come home on the night she was killed?”

I did not like this book at all. It was boring and nothing really happened. I hate when I am disappointed by a book or didn’t enjoy it. I hate to review things I don’t like. But for honesty purposes I am going to. I read this as part of my work bookclub and we all had the same impression.

I found I didn’t like any of the characters and relationships I thought would develop, didn’t develop into anything. I also didn’t like that the way the story was told in parallel over two different time frames.  I guessed who the murderer was as soon as they were introduced. It then felt like the rest of the book was just about waiting for the police to catch up with the story. It just didn’t flow well for me.

The one thing I did like was the setting after the war and how solving crimes in that day was a lot harder than now. It made me appreciate technology even more. It was also interesting how awful it was after the Second World War. For some reason I almost expected that as soon as the war was over things would go back to normal, but in reality it took a long time for everything to get sorted out. It felt a cruel place to be.

Overall though, I can’t recommend this book as I really didn’t enjoy it and slogged through it for bookclub only.

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