Project Lifestyle April Review

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I’m late with this for April. I don’t know where the month went and suddenly we were in May and I had to catch up.

April was an interesting month for the project. I sprained my ankle and got a sick bug that took the focus off fitness for the last two weeks of the month. I was able to lose 3.5lbs at the time, but contribute this to having no appetite while unwell. I have spoken to my doctor and changed medication and have a plan for the next two months to focus on 1800 calories a day and come back to follow up. I ahve also seen a physio for my ankle and have a plan to work on strength going forward. This has meant I have had to pull out of the first triathlon I had planned, but I am volunteering instead. The second triathlon is currently under consideration. I joined the lake and completed a swim out there. I plan to make Thursday evenings or one morning a week my regular lake swim session in order to be happier in open water and distance. My running and swimming were hit this month, but my cycling increased very well. It was easier to get out on the bike and go with running club rather than try to get out on my own. I plan on increasing this by cycling to work more going forward and have been inspired by Helen walking to and from work. My social and mental health workstreams are progressing and I feel I am getting a better understanding of what I need and what I want, rather than what I think I need and want. I have spoken to my old CBT therapist and although I miss talking to someone I know I can get ad hoc appointments at my local surgery when I need to work through something. I need to re look at my formulation I drew up last year to see how it has changed and work through the book Mind Over Matter, which she recommended. I also started new notebook journals to record my fitness, thoughts and nutrition and also motivation/inspirational quotes. I though that by having it all in one place I would feel more inclined to do, so I just need to keep up the habit. My career workstream is okay although it is the only one I am impatient with. I have spoken honestly to my boss about my concerns for the next year and making sure I do everything I can in order to stay on within the organisation after my contract ends. Overall April threw off my priorities and made me think a bit differently about fitness and nutrition.

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Here is the link to my full report in Google Docs.


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