Adventures in Coffee… March Hasbean


My February Hasbean coffee was the Columbia Finca El Vergel Washed Caturra. I love the new labels that differentiate between the farm, process and varietal. I’m learning so much about coffee through this subscription.

I really enjoyed this coffee. It was fruity and light and made great french press and espresso coffee. That is quite rare for me as I usually find I prefer each coffee a certain way. The pour over was okay, but it stood out in the french press and the lightness came through in the espresso.

I also preferred this black. The milk watered it down too much for me. I love when I find I agree with something from the In My Mug video!

Reading the description I would agree with the acidity comment and being like wine. I didn’t get melons, but the crispness was definitely there. I am surprised I liked this one so much as it was lighter than my go to fare, but that is what I love about this subscription and that I get to try coffees I wouldn’t do otherwise.

As always another informative and funny video to accompany the coffee.

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