Project Lifestyle April Career Workstream

Project Lifestyle Purple Cover

This month for my career it is focusing on my daily and weekly organisation and making it work for me. Like my social work stream this is having a little less effort this month, but it is not being forgotten.

I am going back to basics and have gotten a new small notepad in order to write down my daily to do list.  I also plan to review this to see which tasks I procrastinate on. I want to work out where I struggle and why.

I also want to get better at planning ahead as I’m starting to head out of the office more, but I still need to be able to complete my normal monthly work cycle of reports. So I need to make sure I know when I’m out and be proactive in my time and get things done.

I really want to start using my time more efficiently and effectively.  I also want to show I have more capacity in areas to take new things on and progress towards working at the next level up in the organisation, and so keeping my overall project goal of aiming for promotion next year.


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