Project Lifestyle April Fitness Workstream


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April is going to be all about consistency. I feel I’ve been so focused on running, strength, and the new bike, that I’ve left swimming behind and to be honest strength has also been lacking in the last couple of weeks.


So with 6 weeks my first triathlon I want to spend this month bringing all the area of fitness lifestyle into balance.  So I am building on the last few months and bringing all my activities into focus for an Active April – I like the sound of that!


I am going to Instagram my workouts – you will be fed up of me by the end of the month with all my Instagram’s, but I want to be accountable.

I’ve got a plan. I’m following the Up & Running 10k course with 3 runs a week. I am getting back into all my swimming sessions after my coaching practice. I am going to up my strength training to 4 sessions a week. AND I am adding in the cycling, but this will be active recovery. It’s non stop for the next 4/5 weeks!


It’s all about getting in the activities and building up fitness for my triathlon. The other part of this is getting plenty of rest. That means earlier nights and planning in rest at weekends. It also means saying no to things I don’t want to do. It’s going to be a selfish month, but I need it to get myself to a place I want to be and then be able to move forward from there.

I feel confident about this month. It’s not going to be easy, but with the right plan and mentality I know I can make good progress on my goals

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