Random Things

It’s going to be a busy weekend so I wanted share some random things from the last week.

I picked up my road bike on Tuesday and it’s sat in my living room against the sofa so I can practice with the shoes and pedals.


I’ve spent the week commuting to paper diaries and journals. So I use the Fitbook for my food, a hobbit Moleskine for my blog, a notebook for my positives journal, and have added back in my Filofax for my diary. I’ve also gig a set of molrskines to crest a health journal and to use after my Fitbook is finished to log my meals. I would live something that does it all, but yet to find something like that.


I’ve also been thinking a lot about binge eating this week. I wish there was a way to just stop. I need to spend some serious thinking time understanding why I do it and what I can do to support my move away from its dependency.

That’s it for now. I’ve got my triathlon coaching assessment on sunday so I’ll be revising tomorrow then stressing until it’s over!

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